May 20, 2013

PICS : Louis In Snapback !

Yo psychos ! LOL

Omg, remember I've posted about this earlier this month ? About Louis in snapback. Here .

Well , I was on twitter, then there's this one fanpage tweeted "Liam , Louis and Niall walking out from their hotel in Milan" along with this picture.

Actually, bukan gmbar ni yg aku first tengok . I mean, mmg lah gmbar ni but from a different angle.

Guess what I thought? "Liam, damn cute. Swaggy Niall . But MANA LOUIS ?!" yup . That was on my mind masa first time tengok . Seriously ! Aku tak cam dia because I've told you before, Louis JARANG pakai cap. Bila dah nmpk dia , terus menggila . haha .

Aku mana boleh tengok Louis in snapback ! Tak boleh . Pantang . Attracted gila . Urghhh Louis whyyy .

All the Louis' girls out there, wait till you see this .

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah ! It's WRONG to do this to us , Lou ! Too many feels ! Urghh . Okay , calm down miera . . Chill .

He's such a hottie isn't he ? Guess what ? HE'S MINE ! LOL :p



  1. Akak kalau bukan bumiputera mmg langsung tak dpt masuk mana2 uitm atau utm ke?

    1. Boleh je rasanya... tapi bumiputera diutamakan kott.. ^^