May 25, 2013

I Miss The Old Him

Please , LISTEN !

"Come home to me
Come home to me
Back into my arms, oh
Where you belong"

Oh my bieber :'(

Those words kinda killed me inside . Like seriously . Rasa mcm dah lama gila tak bukak lagu Justin through my laptop . Umm . . yeah . . lately , aku selalu bukak One Direction punya playlist .

Then hari ni hati aku terbuka to open his playlist . And when this song came on , it shot me right in my face ! T.T

I know , kebelakangan ni aku lebihkan One Direction . You can really see it . This month , 99% post aku pasal 1D . I dont know . . I feel so stupid . . . So guilty . . . So unfaithful . .   :'(

Dude ! I used to be the BIGGEST BELIEBER everrrrrrr ! I mean like , people in my class call me Mrs Bieber . They know me well for JUSTIN BIEBER ! But now . . ? I don't even care about him , really . Okay pause right there . It's not that i don't care at all . I do . But I felt like I left him for the lads . Louis Liam Niall Harry and Zayn . I felt sooo bad , man . I really do :'/

Where's the enthusiastic belieber in me now ? Like seriously ?! Where is it ? I miss it ! I want those old feelings I felt whenever someone said his name . I want it back ! How can it be gone ? How come ?! And that song up there is like perfect for me . Like he's been begging me to fangirl over him again , like I used to . And it's heartbreaking to me that I don't even do it over him anymore now :'(

I love him . I really do . But it's just not the same now . I mean , he's totally 360 degree a different person . HE IS STILL OUR KIDRAUHL but you know , he grew up . HOTTER than ever . But that's not the Justin I fell for . I really really really really do miss the old him . The one that I fell for the very first time . The one who sang BABY , and people LAUGHED at him . But not me , obviously . First time I listened to BABY , that was the moment everything started to changed . He was like the WORLD to me . He means everything ! I support him for his talent . I freaking love his voice especially when he 'waved' it . you know what i mean ? I love him for that .

But there's one thing I didn't feel bout him like I feel for the lads . Especially , Louis . The feeling of 'owning' him . Like , wanna make him 'MINE' so badly . I'll smile and love it when people said Justin Bieber . Im happy cuz y'know , we share him . But when someone mentioned One Direction or specifically , Louis Tomlinson , I got fired up . Jealousy that is -.-' Im AWARE that he won't even notice me , but yeah whatever . That's the difference though . Hmmmph . .

Let's just enjoy this fangirling thing while it last , yeah ? Cuz Im very sure it'll be gone one day . But I hope not ! lol .


Why have only ONE when i can have all SIX of them ? ;) hehe

*God , my english really sucks here -.-'


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