Mar 4, 2013

Backstage Pass !

Hooo yeah !

Well , actually im cheering for nothing . haha xD

I was downstairs talking to my mom . Then suddenly she said that my bro (TerraJuta Event) will organize another event after his successfull 'JomKahwin' event last month . This new event is called 'JomHijab' . Intresting huh ? then , guess what ?

I suddenly asked my mom "Can he organize a concert ?" "Yeahh , but why?" "Maybe he can organize One Direction's concert here in Malaysia n get me their bakstage passes !"

Haha . I know im dreaming . But heyyyy , no harm right ? If this dream can make me happy , why not ? oh my god , imagine :

ONE DIRECTION is coming to Malaysia ! Finally , after so long we've waited . Thanks to TerraJuta Event for organizing this concert . They're finally coming ! Like , in a few days . *Excited

I'd be going to their concert and my bro will give me their backstage passes . I'll bring my fangirling friends and the lads will be waiting for us like this

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH ! omg omg omg ! I can imagine it already ! We'll spend some time with the lads before the concert . Me n wanie will be talking to Louis , then Kiera n Soniaa with Zayn , Shirah with Harry , Mitha with Niall and Liam will just join us in . Then , we'll be falling in love and exchange numbers n stuff . take pictures too of course ! Haha . Then they'll ask us to enjoy the concert .

So , the girls and I will be in the front row n fangirling throughout the whole concert !

Louis will be singing to me

and do his amazing hip-thrust specially for me xD

HAHAHA . Too much fanfics . I knowwwww . Ey wait , i could make my own fanfic . haha . Anyway , it's not wrong to dream , right ?! We have to dream big and NEVER SAY NEVER ! I've asked wanie to go to their concert if they're really coming . she said she'll think about it . Yeay !

I asked her for a reason . We have something in common ! LOUIS TOMLINSON ! that's it . We both love Louis to the max . LOL . It's fun ! Wait , that doesn't mean we hate the other lads . We dont , in fact we love them too . It's just that Louis caught more of our attention :p HAHA . I just love the way Wanie and I talk about Louis . Fangirling together ! It's really fun weyy !

Fine fine . Enough with all these dreams . I wish it's real . I really do !

Will be waiting for you , LADS !

Gonna continue reading fanfics now , Valerie ! hehe


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