Mar 3, 2013

One Direction's Undercover !

LOL , undercover ? is that even right ? idc .

Watch this !!!!!

I laughed my ass off ! and cry at the same time . how's that even possible ? haha . It's funny and touching and sweet n everything . It's all in that video .

Oh god , im falling more into this cheeky boyband . This video is actually for their tour concert . It's the opening video .

Louis as the fat guy with free hugs , Liam as the old handsome man , Harry as the old lady (he really look like one , LOL ) . Then Zayn and Niall as the baskers . Zayn and Niall is quite obvious don't u think ? Well the others did a great job !

Harry and Liam's prank is so damn funny . I mean , they caused a traffic jam and suddenly ran away ! stupid yet FUNNY ! hahaha . Ohh , Liam looks super handsome eventhough in that old-man version . Damn handsome . Oh boyyy .

Then , LOUIS ! I love him to death ! With his sense of humor . He's hillarious ! It must've been fun and awesome to be with him . He knows how to make people laugh . Kiddish . Yeah , he is cuz he's forever young :D OMG , like seriously if i saw a guy like him , i wouldn't give a hug though . Unless i know it's Louis . and i'll be hating myself for not giving him a hug . Free hug from LOUIS TOMLINSON . Siapa taknak ?! hahaha . Ahhhh , he is super funny . Being himself . Love him . Ohhh , and that thing he did to the little girl ? So sweet . Revealing himself . God , help me .

Seriously , i would watch this over and over again and laugh at it like the first time . Im gonna make it my favourite and watch it whenever i feel low . My 'mood boost' video ! haha .


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