Jun 9, 2012

Swaggie ~

Haha . know who im gonna talk about ?

Yeap , it's my swaggie baby . JUSTIN BIEBER ! hehe . he's like the king of swag . awesome guy .

Well , i've just watched this one video of him and im impressed . cair sebenarnya . tengok jom ? kejap je . tak sampai setengah minit pun . jommmm layan :'D

swaggeie ! i don't know why , but i love the way he talks . ADORABLE ! he sounds so effing HOT wey . obviously his voice has changed . but i think this is the first video of him talking with that voice yg aku tgok . faham ? tak ? pepandai lah ye xD

he has changed ! fakta yang harus ditelan . ade yang baik dan ade jugak yg tak . contohnya , lagu dia . best mmg best but , lain gila ngan musik yg aku pernah suka dulu . aku lebih suka kalau dia MENYANYI obviously . but lagu2 baru dia more to bercakap . contoh paling senang , boyfriend . pendekatan baru . before this mana dia pernah buat genre mcm tu . lagi satu , all araound the world . so not him . but lagu2 tu best . aku tak cakap tak best . Lagu Die in your arms best . tu mmg dia . love it ! hope lagu2 lain in 'Believe' pun besttt ! :D


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