Jun 3, 2012

Versus MY

Assalamualaikum sygs :D

awal kot aku terjaga hri ni . kul 5 . adik2 aku yg kecik tu tak tido buat bising je . mne tak terjaga -.-' dah alang2 tu , mandi terus . berjaga lah aku pagi2 ni .

alright , korang pernah dgr bout VERSUS @ TV9 takk ? mesti pernah en . A reality show in which 5 bands battle through creativity in rearranging songs given to them . Well the bands are Black&Parralax , Hujan , GoGerila , 6ixthSense and Sofazr . gempak en ? aku mmg follow show ni from the start . dari awal lagi dah tertarik . n I always wanted to go n see their performances LIVE kat Space U8 , Shah alam tu .

Last friday was Final round . i was SUPPOSED to go to see LIVE with my bro cuz he always got to go . but then , some problems lahh . he don't wanna send me back home later n my dad can't fetch me n stuff -.-' bengang ahhhhhhhh . but i love to look at the bright side . P O S I T I V E .

And seriously , versus finale was like the longest show i've ever seen . almost 4 hours kot -.-' from 9.30 to 1 something liddat . penat weyy . even kat rumah pun penat . imagine lah kalau kat sana . berdiri all the time kann ? so , im grateful :D

My favourite is BPX ! Black&Parallax . seriously , they're like AWESOME ! i don't know . with black's power vocals , Taja's inteligence n the other member who made it perfectly . i even voted them to go to battle . its worth it cuz they made it to battle round . before the final battle . but dorang tak menang . kalah ngan GoGerila . it's okeyy . I love how they rearrange the songs . lain gila tapi best . my fav is merisik khabar , week two . n the other was Bulan Cinta , week 7 kot .

But sadly , they didn't make it to final battle . Hujan ngan GoGerila yg dapat . takpe lahh . Hujan pun best sbnrnya . suka gila bila dorang buat irama asli . Dan Bila Esok . cool je . haha . Congrats anyway (: BPX will always be in my heart :D

i love this show . kena ada next season with bands yg lagi cool .


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