Jun 25, 2012

It Has Been 3 Years , Michael

Wow . Three years since the death of the KING OF POP . One and only , Michael Jackson . Really , the time do flies . Rasa macam baru semalam dunia digemparkan dengan kematian Michael . Dah tiga tahun dah pun .

Err , I WAS obsessed with him once . After he died . not fair right ? but yeah , lepas dia dah pergi baru aku rasa nk know him more . all his musics n stuff . i felt like rugi je tak nak kenal dia masa dia hidup . So , i searched for his songs , stories and get to know him more . His life , career , family n stuff . Its cool though . mmg on that year , every single day akan dengar lagu dia , read stories about him . I even cried bila my mom lambat dapatkan ticket for This Is It the Movie . haha . kelakar bila fikir balik .

His age is the same as my dad's . so , pangkat dia , pangkat ayah for me . tapi tah lahhh . walaupun ramai orang yg benci dia , RAMAI lagi yg sayang dia sebenarnya . He's a LEGEND kott ! But for now , im not that obsess anymore . but still , i respect him as a legend .

Some people said that JUSTIN BIEBER pengganti dia . he's the PRINCE OF POP . haha . maybe most of you knew that imma BELIEBER . I support Junstin's career . I love his musics and i love him ! :D Justin is also a fan of Michael . You can see through his 'Believe' album . most of the songs was inspirated . betul ke ? haha . yeah , dipengaruhi oleh lagu2 Michael . aku minat dua2 . so aku tau persamaan dlm lagu dorang .

That's all i guess .


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