Jan 5, 2013

Justin Bieber Now , and Back Then

Hey people on earth !

what's up ?! haha .

Well , i know u know Justin Bieber right ? like , who doesn't ?! You're not a human if you don't know who's bieber . Even aliens knows him ! K , kidding . But who knows ? hehe xD

So , we all know that he has changed . Like a drastic change !

From this ,

To this .

That's a boom ! He's all grown up . From a cute adorable boy , to a lovely , charming man . He's still cute n adorable though hehe :p

He changed a lot . From his appearence , his music , his voice , his attitude , and even his BELIEBERS ! He used to have tons of haters who has no respect towards him . that's sad and awful . But now , after all the changes , his haters suddenly became his beliebers . weird huh ? well , that's the true story . It's good for him cuz finally , people can leave him alone n support all his incredible work . Alright , maybe there's a FEW of the haters that still thinks he's gay , sings like a girl , ugly n stuff . But dear haters , you're just JEALOUS ! Because you don't have all this attention towards you like he does . Face it suckers xD

Ohh . dear new fans , we , the LOYAL beliebers do respect n cherish you . But we still thinks its not fair y'know . Like , we've been there ever since he sings baby and we're still here for him till forever . But we think you guys , who used to hate him suddenly being his beliebers is just not fair . LOL what am i saying ? -.-'

Just forget it . Keep loving him aite ! I just wanna say . . .

I fell in love with this

And im loving this more and more .

It's like a bonus for us for being so loyal . haha . He's turning all sexy n hot . It's not that he's not before . He IS . It's just that he's more acceptable by others now . You know what i mean right (:

hmm , I admit , i DO miss the old bieber . But heyy , the new guy doesn't really make any difference . Whatever it is , he's still our KIDRAUHL ♥

Love you Justin ! I really do !


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