Jan 29, 2013

Nothing Like Us

Omb . . It's so perfect . His voice told us everything . Even i can feel the pain .

Pain of what ? Duhhh ~ Selena n him broke up . No more Jelena . But i wish they were still together :'(

Urgghhh , looking at these pics and listening to that song at the same time really broke my heart . How i wish their sweet relationship will last forever . .

It's true . He put all his heart into this song . Into his whole album , i think . 'Fall' is about how they fell in love , "She don't like the lights' shows that they had problems , and now "Nothing like us" . . . He really love her . Ahhhh , perfect guy . He's a great lover , boyfriend , and whatever to do with realtionships .

It's okayyy justin . Im still here for you . Will always be here for you (:


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