Apr 7, 2013

Lifeless Sunday -.-'

Seriously , i need to do something better in my life .

Guess what ? That book cover up there . Awesome huh ? Well , i've been spending my whole , i mean WHOLE afternoon reading that fanfic on wattpad through my iphone . Smpai battery phone tu mampos kottt . pshhh .

I WAS excited at first like "wuuu , got to read Louis' fanfic :D" sort of feeling . Start reading it yesterday and i have this feeling of  "must finish it ASAP" Because ? because im kinda bored n need to start a new story . But wth ? Takkan nk habiskan hidup aku dgn fanfics ? Help me , please .

This book is quite nice actually . not really that bad . It's just something im not looking for . Im looking for a mooshy mooshy fanfic of Louis . If you know what i mean . hmmm .

Ohhhh ! guess more ! I have like 5 'real' books to read . Two malay novels i just bought , an eng novel i got for my SPM pressie and one more eng novel that my cousin sis gave for free :p Oh , and this one motivational book given by my former boss . Well , here's some secret . I never ever really finish reading any motivational book . not my type of reading . hehehe xD

So yeah , besides than thousands of house chores that i HAVE to do , reading is my next thing in list since im workless ? lol . unemployyed . stupid spelling . but that's a better word for my situation . haha . whatever .

B O S A N . B O R E D . however u spelled it . Bosan gila dok rumah semenjak tak kerja ni . kadang2 menyesal jugak berhenti . NOT ! Im happy like this . lol . tah lah . It's nice when you're not tied to anything in your life . But when you have nothing to do , what's the point of it ???? KAAAAN ?! Lainlah kalau ade duit yg takkan habis . Then , my life would be perfect .

Oh yeah , last friday i went to nursery ! Gotta meet ma sis . hehehe . Miss them though . And the babies ! Omg , there's only like 6 babies on that day . Where's the others ?! Infected . LOL by what ? By this thing we called red eyes thingy and chicken chop . Wait what ? hahahaha . Chicken pox ? yeahh that thing . Kesian gila kot . Remember the last time i saw Zayyan ? He was sick . It turns out he got that chicken thingy . Poor little baby :'/ Yang lain pun sama . kesian doh . baby baby dah kena benda tu . Kesian parents dorang jugak . Mmg tak tido malam lah weyy ! too bad .

So yeah , that's it . Something for you guys to read ;)


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