Apr 23, 2013

Louis Tomlinson Killed Me

I bet he killed you too ! haha .

Ohmygod , he's so freaking effing HOT ! and sexayyy and cute and adorable and everything ! ohh , and he plays PIANO ! I just cant . . urgh he's perfect .

Just look at the way he plays the piano . His face was all like focusing n stuff . His fingers is perfect . Moving here and there . And hell yeah ! He plays it PERFECTLY ! Beautiful sound . I mean , it can be the background music for my imaginations with him . lolololol .

Oh , for you guys who didn't know , he didn't actaully know how to play piano . He only knows how to play a few songs including this one because he memorized it . haha . But still ! I can live with him playing this again and again :p There's this one video containing the same bits like the one up there but was repeated for like 10 minutes . I went through the ten minutes of it and it's just perfect :')

Eleanor is the luckiest girl on earth to have him as her boyfriend . Like , he's PERFECT ! I've told you so many times . I wish i was her . I wanna be in her place so bad ! lol . well yeah , I AM JEALOUS ! but in a good way . I dont hate her . In fact , i LOVE her ! She's pretty and all . And they're so cute together . Imma ELOUNOR shipper :'D


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