Apr 8, 2013

Sass Master Of Doncaster

That's who we're talking about ! THE Louis William Tomlinson !

You know what ? I laughed every time i read that 'line' . SASS MASTA OF DONCASTA ! hahahahaha . so funny , man . Imagine snapping your finger and 'hey yall im the sass masta of doncasta !' damn funny . Im imagining Louis doing it . LAGI LAH ! hahahaha xD

Okay , enough . Korang tau tak SASS tu apa ? aku pun tak tau pe benda tu dulu . Tapi dah google :p Sass is kinda 'talk back' thingy . MENJAWAB . tu laaah kot . So , we crown louis as the master of it . He's good tho . In this kind of thing . BADASS ! haha . We'll love you for that , Boobear ;)

So , back to the point . Yesterday , Louis and Tom from The Wanted had this twitter-war going on . I bet all of us know that TW and 1D mmg rivals gilaaaa . Im not sure why but i can smell jealousy from TW . Oh c'mon ! Accept the fact that 1D is waaaaaayyyyy better than TW . Fine , maybe TW have their own fans n stuff . But dont be jealous of the 1D boys , please . And dont make me list down why 1D is better than TW . It'll take me forever to finish it . hehe .

Check this out . You'll know .

Dah tengok ? Scarry right ? Sebelum ni pun , dah ade few cases about them (1D n TW) have this war thingy . With different members of the bands . Yang ni , tah macam mana boleh tercetus pun aku tak tau . But c'mon . They should've leave that tweet out . Tapi mana boleh . Bila sass master bersuara , jangan harap ah nk diam je :p Aku suka gila sarcasm yg Louis guna . Makan dalam wooo . And the fact that Liam joined to back him up is just so sweet . Nmpk je innocent bebudak (budak ke ? abgabg :p) 1D ni . Bila dah marah , semua bertukar .

Mana aku tau semua ni ?! haha . Well , FYI , i have this apps called OneDirection ? HAHA . not helping at all . But gmbar dia , 1D World . yupp . OMG , it's like my favourite apps so far . Apps ni link to So yeah , semua updated news aku boleh tau just by few clicks . Tak payah susah2 nk on laptop bagai . hehehe :p Mmg best ah .

And lepas baca post pasal this war thingy , aku baca ah satu comment ni . It got me laughing hard .
"nobody can out-sass the Sass Master From Doncaster. how dare he even try."
HAHA . i don't know . It sounds funny to me . That 'Sass master from doncaster' part . Fine , i'll stop .

But LOUIS , i'll love you no matter what !


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