Apr 26, 2013

My Art Of One Direction

Bhahahaha . How was it ? Wait , if i didn't tell you it was the lads , will you notice ? Or you just saw a bunch of cute boys ?

Ohmygod , i dont know why but smlm tangan aku ni gatal gilaaaa nk cuba doodle my fav lads . hehe :p Well obviously aku tak doodle dorang just like that . Aku ade guide . I mean , something to look at . Not fair kan ? But that's how i draw . hehe . But baju tu aku buat sendiri okaaaay ?! haha .

I start off with Niall . It was kinda hard at first sbb dah lama gila tak pegang pencil kan . haha . But it turns out , not that bad ey ? Haha . Then aku buat Liam . Doesn't look like him kaaan ? Well at least baju tu show that it's him xD Ade sikit lah . But im not satisfied with his hair . Blergghh . At least it shows that he's a good boy with that hair . lol . Then off to Louis ! Weeee . I enjoyed drawing him :p I kinda like the hair . It looks like his hair . haha . And the stripes and suspenders ! Sooooo him ! :D Purposely wore it for him . hehe . Then Zayn . Oh god . To be honest , he's the hardest to draw . I spent most of my time with him . ceyyhh :p No , because his hair is just complicated . It's hard to show his quiff ! Damn , i end up following my guide . Then wore him his varsity with the 'M' initial ;) hehe . And lastly , Harreh ! That cute cheeky flirt ! Ohmygod . He's super cute ! hahaha . I LOVE his curls . Can't believe i did it though :p And that bowtie plus blazer fits him perfectly . ngeee

Over all , im satisfied ! Can't believe i actually drew them . i thought its gonna turn out shit or that sort of stuff . Thank god it doesn't :p Maybe cuz i drew them with LOVE ? Trololololol .

I know there's soooo many of their drawings out there that is better than this . but heyyy , im just a directioner who doesn't really know how to draw . haha . Whatever . . I think im gonna doodle more since i have plenty of time ! :D Im gonna try Justin next . Hopefully it turns out something that look like him ;)

Oh here , take another look and compare with the actual one :p


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