Apr 3, 2013

Teenage Dirtbag

Oh my god , i just love this cover ! Honestly , im addicted to this song at the moment . hehe .

Im just a teenage dirtbag baby ~

Some people might said that One Direction ruined this song . But heyyyyy , i don't even know this song until they cover it . haha xD Im gonna consider this song as theirs . muhehehehe :p

C'mon ! They cover it PERFECTLY ! Especially LOUIS ! hehe . his voice gives me sparks whenever i hear 'em ;) And Liam too ! Oh myyy , that high pitch is so freaking beautiful ! I love Louis' and Liam's part the most . It's awesome . But overall , they did a good job as a band ! They play their parts ;D

I think they HAVE to record this song in the studio without those screaming fans . Don't you ?


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