Oct 6, 2012

Friends are Like Stars ,

You can't always see them , but you know that they're ALWAYS there .

I was on facebook and saw some photos of my friends . here , check it out (:

Shern , Izy , Ester


Shern , Shankari

They're all beautiful .

Hmmmm , dah lama tak contact dorang . Aku pun tau dorang mesti busy gila fighting for SPM which is 30 days ahead ! shoot -.-' I seriously need to study lah wey . Takkan aku nk dapat result teruk kalau dorang boleh dapat straight A's kan ? Kalau dorang boleh , aku pun BOLEH ! *positive

Aku harap , lepas SPM nnti kitaorg boleh spend time byk2 . hehe . can't wait . but before that , FOCUS on my GOAL , 9A+ ! :D


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