Oct 5, 2012

Live While We're Young !

Im sure ramai yang dh dengar this new awesome hit from One Direction kaaaan ? Live while we're young :D Well , aku baru officially tgok the full video . Omb , fangirling gilaaaa doh ! Video tu awesome sangat sangat sangat ! Lagu dia pun best . But i think , dorang SEMUA kena ada byk2 SOLO . Tolong lahh . especially Louis . Suara dia super awesome kott . kenapa takde org notice ? grrrrr-

Anyway , aku suka concept video tu , which is 'picnik' kind of stuff . It's FUN and colourful . bestt lahh . And every single of them adorable gilaaaaa ! Liam , Louis , Niall , Harry , and Zayn . Zayn gila gila gila handsome n cute n gila dalam tu . haha . Niall pun dah nmpk dah ke'cute'tan dia . Liam mcm biasa je , he's the macho one . Louis is hot ! Harry is cheeky :D

I can't get enough !

Tonight let's get some
And Live while we're young .


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