Oct 18, 2012

SPM Is Just Around The Corner !

Aaaahhhhhhh !

The BIGGEST exam is coming soon ! 17 days ahead . S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N ! and im still here updating my blog -.-'

Actually , tadi kat sekolah kitaorg ade mentor-mentee for math . Well , not to brag , but i got to be the mentor . which is awkward .

Okay , majority of the students in my class , kena ajar 5 Pd and  5 Sastera 2 . There's this one guy , whom i adore , was there . Gedang . that's what we called him . What ? It's normal for a teenage girl to adore a guy :p

So yeahh , he sat with a group of boys . then , my classmate , Fath was asked to be their mentor . Then , Sir Sankar asked shirah n me to join them . At first , i was excited cuz got to be with 'him' . But then , Sir changed the plan and put me in the other group of boys -.-' so sad .Si Shirah pulak , bukan main lagi mengajar gedang . She knew i like him . haihhhh . Kinda jealous xD

But , it's better like that i think . It'll be Effing awkward if i have to teach him . So yeahh , i tought some other  boys . it was fun . tak sempat nak tanya nama pun . haha . but i had fun . It's just that , the sad part is when they didn't even say 'THANKS' . takpe lah , nak wat cane kann .

Anyway , im freaking out right now . Im really scared of SPM . Sekarang baru aku rasa betul betul betul terbeban . Rasa macam ade org mengharap gila gila n aku tak boleh nk hampakan dorang . Okey okey , my aunt , Aunty Niza ade post something kat facebook . In our big family 'group' .
so now the limelight is on our 2 girls sitting for spm 2012, mira n wani. last minute pulun!!. dont worry, we all went thru the pain before. just stay focus n energised n do your best. bce alam nashrah byk2x jugak ok..u did well before, so continue to do so..
That's what she posted . Kalau tu nama korang pun , sure rasa something kan ? Stress all over -.-' But it's okay , Im gonna take this as my motivation !

GO , GO MIERA ! You can do it :D


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