Oct 7, 2012

Safety Net for 1119/1

Assalamualaikum n heyy .

What's a safety net ? haha . First of all , 1119/1 is SPM english paper 1 . u guys know that right ? So yeahh , biasa lah ade esei bagai . Hari tu , masa teknik menjawab , Sir Taufeeq told us about this awesome safety net . He said , if suddenly on that particular day we had no ideas , we could use our safety net for essay ques .

But in my oppinion , aku rasa baik guna je terus kann . ohh , lupa . Safety net is a story where we prepare earlier . story yg awesome lah konon . dgn grammar yg betul so that we'd be familiar with it . Masa SPM nnti kan ade soalan 'story' . . So , jawab je lah soalan tu . just need to be twist sikit je . or maybe byk sbb nak sesuaikan dgn soalan . acutally , it really works ! So yeah , aku nk prepare aku punya safety net . nnti aku post a few kayy ;)


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